If you have a project where cutting MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) to size is a major part of your workload. Using CNC machining services can turn your job from a labour-heavy task with a high risk of error if executed manually to be a precise and efficient process, offering high accuracy and repeatability. Here are the basic steps involved in the CNC machining process, this is what we do daily and we can help you with your project. Get in touch with us HERE.

CNC router
Design the CAD File:

Start by designing the part or component you want to cut in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. This file will contain all the dimensions and geometries that you want the CNC machine to cut. Whether you are cutting MDF to size to create parts are for a home design project, such as a shelving unit, or your business manufacturing items, the process will be the same and we can help you to design the CAD file. If you are a business you may already have your CAD file created which is great we can use most formats of files. You can tell us about your project HERE.


Once the CAD design is complete, we will need to create a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) program for your project. This will generate the toolpaths and machining instructions from your CAD design. This CAM will enable the CNC machining to follow the design you have made precisely and efficiently.
When cutting MDF to size by CNC machining, we need to specify parameters such as cutting depths, tool types, cutting speeds, and feeds. I know this all sounds very technical but this is where our skill and expertise come into play. We can ensure your project of cutting MDF to size using CNC machining will be straightforward and accurate. Get in touch HERE.

Selecting the correct cutting Tool:

For cutting MDF to size, carbide or high-speed steel (HSS) end mills are commonly used. But we can help decide what the correct tool would be depending on factors like the type of MDF used, desired finish, cutting speeds, and the intricacy of the design.

A cutting tool ready for cnc router machining for cutting MDF to size
Securing the Material on the Bed:

Place the MDF sheet securely on the CNC machine’s bed. You may use clamps or vacuum systems to hold it in place during machining. We use a vacuum system which ensures no interference from other pressures from clamps. Ensure that the material is flat and properly aligned to avoid errors in cutting.

cutting MDF to size using a CNC router will reduce waste
CNC Machine set up:

Using the CAM program that you designed earlier this now needs to be loaded into the CNC machine’s control software. To ensure efficiency in cutting MDF to size via CNC machining the machining parameters such as tool offsets, workpiece coordinates, and cutting speeds have to be accurate based on the material properties and tooling being used. Don’t worry we can help you with this. Just get in touch HERE and we can provide a quote for your project needs.

A CNC router is controlled and programmed through CAD
Toolpath Simulation:

Before starting the CNC machining of your project, it’s advisable to simulate the toolpaths using CAM software or the CNC machine’s simulation feature. This helps identify any potential issues such as tool collisions or incorrect machining paths. This process of double-checking will save any errors in cutting your MDF to size.

Executing the Machining Operation:

You can start the CNC machining process once everything is set up and verified. The machine will automatically follow the programmed toolpaths, cutting the MDF to size and the desired shape with precision. Our CNC machine has a vacuum that will immediately remove any MDF dust from the environment. If inhaled this can be harmful and therefore best to leave cutting MDF to size to the professionals.

cutting MDF to size and shape with CNC machining
Quality Inspection:

After machining, we will inspect the finished parts for accuracy and quality.

Finishing Touches:

Depending on your requirements additional finishing operations such as Sanding or varnishing may be required depending on the desired surface quality.

By following these steps carefully, cutting MDF to size using CNC machining, can be a precise, efficient process achieving accurate and high-quality results for your projects.
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