Our customer asked us to reproduce a plastic part of a new cog from worn broken equipment. Read on to see how we designed and CNC machined it from Acetyl sheet.

The COG Challenge – Plastic part 

We were asked to produce a new cog from just a ¼ of the original worn equipment, the added challenge was that there were no original drawings to work with of this plastic part.

How we solved this problem to produce the plastic part.

Our highly skilled pattern maker and CNC machinist used formulas to be able to produce the correct spacing and angles between the teeth of the cog. Testing these against the original section and also an interlocking cog. We were then able to produce a CAD file of this. Once we were happy that the measurements and angles of the cog were correct.  We CNC machined the plastic part from the Acetyl sheet, making the new equipment that our customer required.

Benefits of the plastic part being CNC machined.

Being CNC machined meant we could reproduce this part with a very quick turnaround.  This is really important when we are working with clients who have breakdowns on manufacturing equipment.  Our client was really pleased with the finished article and was able to use it straight away, restarting their production. Another massive benefit of having parts CNC machined is that they are made with a high degree of accuracy and for parts that are required in high batches being CNC machined means that each and every component will be the same. A CNC machined part will be consistently accurate and identical.

Why use Acetyl sheet?

Acetyl is a plastic that machines really well. It has excellent properties to be used as a plastic part these include being stiff and strong, excellent wear in both wet and dry environments, it has low friction, and low moisture absorption. It also has good resistance to chemicals.

What other CNC machined jobs we can help you with?

As explained we have the knowledge and capabilities of reverse engineering parts to be able to create drawings and CNC files, we can then CAD these to be able to machine the parts.  We can CNC machine most materials from plastics and ply to MDF, foam and engineering materials.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our challenge to reproduce plastic parts CNC machined from Acetyl Sheet. Let me know if you have a challenge we can help you with.

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Plastic part CNC machined from Acetyl sheet