There are several reasons why one might choose to have your MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cut to size using CNC router cutting services:

1. Accuracy of your MDF cut to size

CNC routers offer extremely high precision and accuracy in cutting MDF to specific dimensions. This ensures that each piece is cut exactly to the required size with tight tolerances, which is crucial for many projects, especially those requiring intricate designs or complex shapes. Although below is a project using Plywood the same principles apply to Cut MDF. You can get in contact to discuss your project needs by emailing me Simon Cooke at

A large CNC machining project

2. CNC router cutting is highly efficient

CNC router cutting services can significantly increase the efficiency of the cutting process. A CNC router is faster and can handle large volumes of MDF cutting jobs with consistent quality and speed compared to manual methods of cutting.  At Westfield Patterns we have 2 CNC machines offering you a fast turn around of projects and with a high level of care and attention.

MDF cut to size using cnc router cutting

3. Capabilities of customising your MDF Cut to size

CNC routers allow for customisation of designs, such as adding numbers or writing to parts according to specific requirements. Whether it’s creating unique patterns, intricate details, or complex geometries, CNC machining offers the flexibility to produce bespoke MDF pieces tailored to individual clients’ needs. An example of this is numbering parts of a project to ensure that parts can be assembled with ease. Especially if it is an item for retail and it comes with assembly instructions. If you need customisation or help with your project get in touch today. 01733 555512 or

CNC custom made toilet seat replacement. made to measure.

4. CNC router cutting ensures reliable consistency.

With CNC router cutting, you can expect consistent results across all your MDF pieces. Once the design is programmed into the CNC machine, with our help if required or you can provide us with files. It will reproduce the same cuts repeatedly without variations, ensuring uniformity in the final product.

CNC router machining gives the benefits of consistent accuracy.

5. Cutting MDF to size using a Router gives capabilities of complex detail and intricacy. 

CNC routers can handle fine cuts and shapes that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional cutting methods.  Our vast range of tooling enables our CNC router machining services to be able to offer you cutting services that you require. A CNC router opens up possibilities for more complex and creative designs in various applications such as fretwork, signs, and prototyping.

MDF cut to size with detail and lack of waste

6. Using CNC router machining to cut your MDF to size will reduce waste.

During the programming stage, parts can be nested together to maximise the yield from a sheet of materials. This means your MDF cut to size will achieve the greatest yield possible and reduce waste. CNC router cutting will optimise material usage, minimising waste compared to manual cutting methods and therefore reduce overall material costs.

MDF cut to size using CNC router machining will reduce waste

Overall, utilising CNC router cutting services to cut MDF to size offers numerous advantages in terms of accuracy, efficiency, customization, consistency, complexity, and waste reduction, making it a preferred choice for many industries and applications. Check out a sample of some of our router projects on our CNC router page. You can give me (Simon Cooke) a call on 01733 555512 or email me to discuss your needs.